Corkers Animals

Give your guests a Corker and make your Event even more memorable ! 

Our Party Favors pack of Corkers Animals contains 6 sets of each of the 6 animal designs  in bulk pack. So you get a total of 36 Corkers in each Party Favors box.

עיצוב: סטודיו רדיש ו עודד פרידלנד
מידות: 11x6x1 ס"מ   חומר: פלסטיק ומתכת
פרטים נוספים

Watch your guests enjoy mixing and matching the different parts to create hilarious combinations. Now all you need is to order the champagne !

 Corks not included.

If you require a larger quantity of Corkers, check out our SUPER SAVER pack, ideal as Favors for weddings, events,  parties and more!

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